Hartchrom of the Beck GmbH in Güglingen-Frauenzimmern

The company HARTCHROM-beck was founded in 1967 in Stockheim by Karl-Heinz Beck, and is a specialised company for industrial hard chromium plating. To accommodate for the growing customer requirements, larger production facilities quickly became necessary.

With the relocation to Güglingen-Frauenzimmern, the company presents itself since 1969 on over 2000 sqm with all the technical pre-requisites to process your orders in the best way possible.

In 2002, the sole proprietorship company was transformed into a GmbH.

As a specialist company for German galvano-technology, we carry the mark of quality issued by the German National Association and are certified according to DIN 9001:2007.
HARCHROM-beck is a company engaged in vocational training.