coating Technology

We offer…

  • Conventional industrial hard chrome layers
  • Hard chromium plating also using the pulse plating process
  • Hard chromium plating with double layers
  • Hard chromium plating with triple layers
  • Material allowance hard chromium plating up to 0.08 mm layer thickness
  • Excess material allowance chromium plating (several tenths for grinding)
  • Partial hard chromium plating
  • Protection chromium plating
  • Smooth hard chromium plating layers, matt finishing
  • Rough hard chromium plating layers (from Ra. 0.06 to Ra. 16)
  • Repair of piston rods

Maximum dimensions
1200 X 5000 mm
4500 X 3000 X 80 mm
4t piece weight

Processing technology/surface technology:

  • Mirror finish polishing
  • Circular grinding up to D 360 X 2200 mm
  • Fine grinding
  • Polishing up to D 520 X 5000 mm
  • Finishing
  • Super finishing
  • Sandblasting

For series components, an industrial hard chromium plating automaton with the latest technology is available. 44,000 L. electrolyte solution and 60.000 Amp.