Our Surface Treatment

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Since 1967 we of hard chrome Beck are responsible for metal refining our customers. We can fall back on many decades of valuable experience.

At the same time it is very important to us, You can always offer the latest technology for the best possible results. For the skilful use, we not only bring new machines into the house, but also ensure the continuous training of the staff of hard chrome Beck.

At this point, we also keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world of hard chrome plating.

The concentricity chroming (RLC)

With the run-chroming the staff of hard chrome Beck can metallic workpieces coat up to 500 nanometer precision in concentricity.
Especially when Maßverchromungen with a layer thickness of up to 150 microns, the Rundlaufverchromen suitable. This method can save a lot of time and effort in large parts. This means that production can continue to run quickly and safely!

Selective treatment Brush plating (BP)

Whole built parts, only small areas or precise locations we can deal of hard chrome plating Beck with the Brush.

When carrying out repairs even several millimeters layer can thus be applied. You have questions about this or any other technology?

We will be happy to help you personally. Use our contact form.